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Why Universal Qi?

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Get started today with a spiritual healing session and some of our natural health products and discover how you can live an inspired, empowered life.

​​Universal Qi in Bentleigh VIC, Australia

Universal Qi nurtures and restores your mind, body and spirit helping you to find happiness, love and joy.  I acknowledge that your physical health and vitality has a strong connection to your energetic, spiritual and emotional wellbeing. Sessions can include Energy Healing, Reiki and Shamanic healing

Fight Stress & Find Serenity with Energy Healing in Bentleigh

People around the world have practiced energetic and spiritual healing for thousands of years, and millions of people currently enjoy its benefits. Universal Qi aims to restore my clients energetic circuits in their physical or subtle body bodies to regain balance and facilitate their body's innate healing mechanisms, while being proud to offer complementary products to support their clients journey and goal.