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Theta Healing ​®

ThetaHealing® is a method of changing beliefs that are causing discomfort on a physical, emotional and spiritual level using the Theta State brain wave, which is a frequency attained whilst dreaming or the frequency the subconscious mind works at, the part governed between the conscious and the unconscious mind.

The Subconscious mind holds our memories, our sensations, our attitudes, our behavior and most importantly our beliefs. Whether these beliefs come from our parents, our mentors, past lives, our own life experiences, or Cultural Beliefs, they are unconsciously acted out throughout our life thru our current experiences or our reality. We accept the reasoning as to why it is meant to be like this as this is what is embedded in our subconscious mind. Due to this belief we are led to believe this is our reality and it is meant to be like that. Does this reality have to be one that was part of my mother's experience or that of your ancestors? Does this dis-ease (discomfort) have to be part of my reality because someone in my family has it? These are the types of belief systems that create our reality and turn on genes from the moment we are conceived and further in-grained in our early childhood. These beliefs are what we carry through to our adult life. 

With Theta Healing, we search for beliefs that are limiting and are not serving the individual. We release and replace these beliefs with positive and beneficial ones "New Beliefs". We stop the neural-nets that are firing and wiring these connections and create new wiring to create new Realities.

I use Theta healing as part of an Intuitive Healing Session