"I had the good fortune to find Benjamin and have him do a house clearing on our new home. We had not had a happy time with the the builder or owner and felt there was a lot of bad energy in the house. Benjamin came with his crate of things and calmly went about sage smoking and blessing each room. Benjamin's sincerity and gentleness and his obvious passion for his craft was reassuring. I immediately knew we were doing what was needed. I could not recommend Benjamin more highly. His professional calm and gentle manner. His thoroughness and his thoughtfulness made me feel very secure. An hour after Benjamin left a neighbor knocked on the door with a plate of shortbread to welcome us to the street! He had worked his magic! THANKYOU Benjamin"

"Just had my first session with Benjamin today and I can honestly say it was money well spent. He is very professional and informative, and really makes you feel safe and comfortable during the session. I find it difficult when seeking genuine talented people in this field and am delighted to have found Benjamin. I am now referring my partner to him because of my great experience."


"Just had the most amazing healing session with Universal Qi. The last few months I have let the day to day stresses of life get the better of me and have been experiencing a lot of feelings of negativity and self doubt. I've even been contemplating sacrificing my goals and dreams for the security of a plan B.  Benjamin Garrard uses a variety of alternate/holistic healing methods during his sessions to help you work though blocks and negative beliefs that may be preventing you from achieving your full potential. I left today feeling refreshed and alive, full of positivity and belief in myself, centred and realigned with my soul's purpose. Feeling so much gratitude, love and light for Benjamin and what he has given me."


​"The initial Reiki session I had with Benjamin Garrard was extremely worthwhile. I was put totally at ease with his natural manner and deep empathy during the session. It was a most thorough, satisfying, uplifting, beneficial healing from a very professional healer. I would recommend Ben to others who are seeking like assistance." 


 "Benjamin is a natural intuitive healer who has a great wisdom and inner knowingness of energy meridians and channels. His healing for me was a deep emotional cleansing, healing and rebalancing of my body. Thank you."

"Benjamin helped me see through the clouds of grey and to find my happiness and joy for life again, I'm smiling once again thank you'

"I came to my session with Benjamin feeling stressed and worn out. However, through Benjamin's gentle and professional approach, I was able to find a place of inner calm and balance. I left feeling centered and ready to take on the world again. I highly recommend Benjamin to anyone searching for greater wellbeing in their lives" 

"Having not experienced Reiki before, I was unsure about what to expect. Benjamin ensured I felt comfortable immediately by talking me through what would happen throughout our session. The whole experience of the session was beyond what I hoped for. I felt relaxed and content throughout the session. Following the session I felt light, happy and whole, and my thoughts felt clear, genuine, calm and I had a feeling of outward harmony following the session. I highly recommend Benjamin to anyone that is considering Reiki. Benjamin has a warm and welcoming presence and I felt he was very perceptive of what would be of benefit to my overall wellbeing, I look forward to my future Reiki sessions with Benjamin."

 Testimonials & Gratitude

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