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Universal Qi's "Universal Key" is a signature session, incorporating multi modalities and techniques, removing blockages and restoring your universal energy, balancing you on all levels and layers giving you the Universal Keys to unlock your full potential.

Universal Qi's "Universal Key" Session

Tired of feeling stuck, stressed, tired and unfulfilled?

A Universal Key session is perfect.

Using a multi modality approach and with various techniques, this is the most compete and unique of our offerings.

Guided in nature, it will see you energetically clean and sparkly, barriers and blocks broken down and removed, with you shining brightly like you were born to do.

Perfect for getting to the core of the issue especially when you don't know what it is and assists with getting you off the healing merrygoround.

Individual sessions are unique to you, and allow us to use our complete tool kit of sacred healing tools and methods, in a very heart centred way.