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Body Maitre

We constantly absorb negative energies daily from our life experiences and from the people around us - our family members, friends, colleagues, and even from environment that we work and live in as well. We do, undeniably, create a lot of these negative energies ourselves too. These negative energies have the potential to create problems, issues and challenges for us, in all areas of our lives - from our relationships to health, money, career and many more. 

BodyMaitre is a system which utilises a set of divination tools like pendulum and 'divination maps' to help us understand the what's and why's of our challenges in every area in our lives. 

In BodyMaitre, we will be introduced to you our four bodies. We will learn to express love to the four bodies that is the vehicle for our soul to accomplish our divine and soul purpose on Earth, physically. We will also work with our four bodies to identify and clear negative and discordant energies, limiting, disempowering and negative beliefs and programming that constantly block us from expressing our highest potential. 

While, Dowsing in an ancient art used to transcribe divine information so that it can be integrated into our consciousness. When done correctly, this is achieve through direct communication and dialogue with our intuition and inner wisdom (Higher Self). Learn how to use the pendulum, an ancient divinity technique to connect to your inner wisdom for answers to your life questions. 

Metatron Manifestation process and Divinity Dowsing are two large components of the Body Maitre System - this session will allow you to take a glimpse into what you will be experiencing when you go through the body maitre system

What is 4-bodies System?
It refers to Physical, Mental, Emotional and Spiritual Etheric Bodies.

When any of your bodies’ out-of-sync and imbalances, the following issues may appear to you:

You may start feeling uneasy or uncomfortable but you can’t tell where and why:

  • Emotional body easily affected by people words, action and energy
  • Mental body clinging on negative thought forms
  • Spiritual body disconnected from soul and God due to blockages
  • Low Energy and vibrations, easily get ill and sick
  • Diseases started building up in spiritual and etheric body, and slowly manifest to physical body

In this private session, you will receive the following benefits:
Reading – Conditions of your mental, physical, emotional and soul level of blockages and root causes
Clearing – Your Energy blockages, psychic wounds, aura cracks, chakras, vows, curses, entities and discarnate in your bodies
Healing – Apply vibrations healing and sealing of your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual levels.

BodyMaitre is a system used to identify negative energies in each of our body within our 4-body system. We identify the negative energies held within us and learn to dissolve them through Self Awareness (Wisdom) and Metta (Love). It is a powerful, yet simple tool that assists and supports us in the transformation of our life experiences.